We offer a wide range of services

We offer comprehensive training programs to prepare our students for a career in the security industry. Our courses are designed to provide hands-on experience and practical skills that will equip you with the expertise needed to excel in the field of security.

Design and oversee all training and development programs for your company.

Develop annual training plan and training programs based on your operational goals.

Represent your Security Service business as a technical advisor Director of Training as needed.

Evaluate training activities, curriculum, and available resources to ensure compliance with state and federal law as well as all contract requirements.

Identify training needs based on analyses, recommend new training methods and developing additional curriculum when required.

Conduct performance reviews and skills gap analyses to identify training needs.

Implement coaching sessions and mentorship programs to establish a culture of continuous learning.

business development as a technical advisor and subject matter expert.

Manage quarterly and annual training budgets for your business.

Review and analyze multiple curricula and program assessment requirements. conduct a comprehensive analysis to identify, articulate, and validate all current as well as any new assessment requirements.

Design and implement instructional strategies that support testing and evaluation using integrated scenarios that can serve as practical application assessments in an advanced, joint environment across multiple training programs.

Develop lesson plans and create new learning objectives.

Ensure overall alignment of the training solutions to the requirements, and assist with instructor preparation to sequence, schedule, and optimize.

Observe and evaluate instructional delivery and data in order to provide feedback and data that assist senior leadership with the assessment and management of the coordinated training programs.

Apply learning theories and models, the ADDIE model, and the needs assessment process to training initiatives.

Identify behavioral outcomes and create learning objectives.

Apply the elements of the course design process to design, develop, and curate content for your learning experience.

Identify design thinking and rapid prototyping techniques for course design activities.

Apply a variety of course and process evaluation methods to course design activities.

Determine your level of future readiness in instructional design and develop a plan for continued learning.